Reading Response #1 – Emma Yoder

“The Screening of America” by A.O. Scott was very intriguing because it brought up new and old media similarities I’ve never thought of before. Everyday people experience multiple forms of media. Commercials, shows, movies, phones, and lecture presentations are evident in an average students life. The new generation watches far more movies on a laptop in a dark room in the middle of the night; phone in hand, and half asleep. Decades ago, that was never an option. The only option was to buy a ticket, sit upright in a comfy chair with popcorn in hand and surround sound pounding your ears. Is that the way we should be watching movies? The classic theatre will not go out of date because of the full experience one gets from the cinema. It will always be an exciting experience although it will always be changing.

Even though it’s a different experience, watching movies on laptops is a privilege we have gained in the past few years. The two versions are not equal but as Scott said, “There will be at least an equal diversity of art forms and ways of appreciating them, alone or in groups. And they will continue to cross-pollinate”. The advancements after classic cinema keep advancing and we now have a unique variety of options to watch media, which will keep progressing, although the classic movie experience will never die.