Reading Response #1- Andres Familiar

While reading the article by A.O. Scott, it made me realize the truth about the evolution of screening. Obviously, when television came out, it was an incredible invention that changed millions of lives. Once that technology becomes easier to access, people tend to evolve with newer technologies. Now that there are many ways to find the screening of your choice, one doesn’t necessarily need to pay to go to the movie theaters anymore. In my personal case, I prefer to wait until I can access a film online, then pay a hefty fee to watch it in a huge dark room. I would be in the comfort of my own home and can pause the movie whenever I want. While reading Berger’s “Way of Seeing”, It made me think about how different our generation sees art as people did hundreds of years ago. As the reading notes, we perceive art in a different way than people did during the renaissance. Throughout the advancement of technology, our generation has had the privilege to use great technology to find information on anything. In the past, people only had their imaginations to go off of, limiting their perspective. In the present, with the internet and smartphones, we can use google to figure out most of the answers to our questions. Also, as the reading notes, the invention of the camera changed everyone’s lives and allowed people to see the artist’s perspective. People don’t need to draw pictures to represent things or places anymore because of this invention, and we can now share our perspectives with anyone we want.