Reading Response #1- Brandon Roten

After reading “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger I feel that I was able to clearly understand what was trying to be expressed of the “ways we see things.”  It was stated that what we see is affected by what we know or believe.  This statement relates to me because when I look at something I have a specific response to it that is different from everyone else because of my experiences and beliefs in my life.  Another point from the reading that stood out to me was when it was said that “an image is a sight that has been recreated or reproduced.”  This relates to me because in today’s world almost everything I see is a reproduction from an original.  For example, when I go on the internet and search a picture of a painting for example it is a reproduction of the original.  When it was stated that when we see a landscape or a time in history in an image we situate ourselves in it, it made me think about how true that is.  Whenever I see an image I immediately try to put myself into the environment from which the image is from.  I now think about the way that I view images is greatly influenced by my life.  I am even led to think about if an image even has a single meaning because everyone sees an image differently based on their own mind.