Brendan Iwashko: Reading Response #5- Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?

In Bill Nichols’s article on ethical issues in documentary filmmaking, he discusses the key differences and relationships between non-fiction and fiction films, the way documentaries represent others, and the relationship between people, filmmakers, and audiences, relating each topic to ethics, the unspoken and impossible to define “rules” (or often, lack thereof) to documentary filmmaking. He begins […]

Blog Post #5 Avery Woods

In regards to my final project I am now past the basic formatting of the website. I am now more concerned with choosing the best content for my tumblr that will provide good examples for answering the discussion questions. For example, I will show how my eye has changed throughout the year by highlighting photos that […]

Blog Post #5-Julia Smith

I have made about half of my site so far. I am still having difficulty in incorporating a theme from our class and am going to take the weekend to work on putting more creativity into my site. I have also had some difficulty with how to piece my site together. I have been successful […]

Blog Post #5

For the final portfolio project, the process of designing has gone pretty smoothly; however, the bulk of the work remains with writing out descriptions for each portion. Choosing the images has been pretty fun. One issue with selecting the photos is the sizing and the aspect rations for pictures on certain pages. With only a […]

Blog #5 Final Portfolio 2- Max Guttman

My final portfolio has made some strides since the last post. I left off with gathering my content and making a layout for my website and now I’m almost done with that. My web design is completed and my portfolio has my favorite photos and videos from this semester that I think show who I […]

Perry Andre Blog Post #5

I am very happy to say I have actually done a lot more work on my final project last weekend while waiting for my flight back to Boulder. I already picked all my photos that I am using for each section, as well as completed all the brief explanations for the Introduction, ways my eye […]

Blog #5: Delaney Schoenfeldt (The Final Project Grind)

As time approaches the presentation for our final project, the more anxious I get. Since my last blog post, I have made significantly more progress. I finally found the website medium that I’m displaying my ideas on. After much trial and error (and many, many accounts on various website creating services, such as Tumblr, Wix, […]

Blog Post #5: Noah Zucker

My final portfolio is going well. I have all my pictures picked out and the vast majority of the writing done. Actually getting a website together has been more challenging, but I’ve definitely made a lot of progress. After my foray into HTML I attempted to use Weebly. The drag and drop platform allows for […]

Blog #5 – Alex Wilhite

The last blog of the semester is again about the final project, the building of the website. I have not worked on the project too much from last time. I plan to get it done this weekend because I have lots to do next week too . Class has been talking about surveillance lately, which […]

John Debbie Blog #5

I have made more progress on my website. I have some section done and I have everything planned out with what images, and things I am going to use. I have had some more challenges along the way. When I started my project I was using WordPress to design my website. I decided to change […]