Reading Response #3 Taylor Salazar

In our day and age we can do nearly everything online without having to leave the confines of our own comfortable space; in fact, physical places that we once had to go to shop, become educated, socialize, watch entertainment, ect , have started being replaced by “cyberspace”. The reading “Replacing Place” by Mitchell talks about this […]

Reading Response #2 -Taylor Salazar

“The Death of the Cyberflaneur”, though one of the shortest readings from last week, left me wanting to participate in the strange activity that, according to the article, has been dying off not only physically but digitally. This practice that the  article describes is called Flaneurie. Flaneurs are, or were, people who would stroll down […]

Perry Andre Blog Post #3

Towards the end of last week, our next project in Intro to Media Culture came up in class, one that I am really excited about because it gives me a chance to use my artistic abilities in a new and unique way. When I first heard about the locative media project I was a little […]

Perry Andre Reading Response #3

This week I read the Sounds and Scenes article by Connell and Gibson, and this was probably the most interesting article I read this whole year because music is one of my favorite things to listen to and play, and to hear that music is usually affiliated with different locations was really cool to read. […]

Perry Andre Reading Response #2 – Gye

During this week I read all three readings that were assigned to us, but the article “Picture This”, by Lisa Gye seemed to relate to what I have strong opinions about more than all of the others. This article talked about how our society has evolved to a point where we only take pictures to […]

Cole Pates Blog Post #3

Throughout the process of developing my locative media project. This assignment has been tough but I have enjoyed the content brain storming and critical thinking to match sounds with locations I have chosen. I have made some progress but I feel a constant struggle with the system. I have started to develop the app from […]

Cole Pates Reading Response #3

Lisa Gye, in her article, ” The Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices”  explains how mobile camera phones have changed the way we take pictures. Gye explains the reason why people take pictures now involves the idea of constructing memories and maintaining social relationships. She goes on to explain how in 1965 there wasn’t […]

Cole Pates Reading Response #2 (The Death of Cyberflâneur)

For my reading response I would like to talk about Evgeny Morozov’s article, The Death of the Cyberflâneur. Throughout this article Morozov explains what a flâneur is and how it relates to this idea of Cyberflâneur as it effects the web as a bigger picture. A flâneur is someone associated in the 19th century in Paris. These […]

Blog Post #3 Avery Woods

For the locative media project I have decided to use the UMC fountains and the overpass between the UMC and the chemistry building. I chose this location because the way the overpass creates a tunnel of shadows that leads to the light and the open airy feeling the fountains bring. So far I have an […]

Reading Response #3 Avery Woods__Gye’s Picture This

Lisa Gyes’ Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices proposed that camera phones “extend” the way people see and understand the world. She claims that “ camera phones are both extending existing personal imaging practices and allowing for the evolution of new kinds of imaging practices.” In a simpler sense […]