Reading Response #2 – Aidan Martinez

For this weeks reading response I decided to talk about Morozov and the cyber flanuer. In this reading he talks about how the cyber flanuer which in short means the way we surf the web and he talks about how this has changed and pretty much died over the years. Morozov discusses how we used […]

Blog #3-Alex Wilhite

The production project we are working now is┬áLocative Media. I have worked on it with the How-To document and the videos to make it so almost ready to be were I add my audio to it and see if it works. I wish that in Lecture class we talked about it more because it is […]

Reading Response #3 – Alex Wilhite

I am going to talk about Mitchell’s writing in “Replacing Place”. He starts by talking about about the years ago to go shopping or to school you had to leave you house and do it. Today you can go to school only and never leave the house to get things you want, like food. ┬áHe […]

Reading Response #2 Alex Wilhite

I am going to talk about Ribak “Remote control…”. Ribak is looking at cell phones and how parents and teens use them. Parents as a way to control and know what their teens are doing. For the teens use for them as a way to break away from their parents . Parents can feel safe […]

Reading Response 3

This past week in contemporary media studies the topics of audience and sound have been looked at. Albaran discusses in his article “What happened to our Audience” that as a generational move people used to listen to the radio as entertainment but as if they were “watching a family movie”. Now a days the radio […]

Reading Response #2

“Passing time reflection on cinema from a technological age” by Mulvey was one of the many articles we have read in the past few weeks. So far the over arching point of this class has been somewhat a history of the evolution of media and its different forms throughout time. What this article touches on, […]

Blog #3: Julia Smith

The progress I’ve made toward this project so far is playing with the App Furnace website. I have read the tutorial on how to make the app quite a bit and I still find it a little confusing. I have been successful in creating widgets and learning how to stylize the aesthetic to my preference. […]

Reading Response #3: Lisa Gye Picture This-Julia Smith

In Lisa Gye’s article “Picture This” she discusses the ways in which mobile phones have effected personal photography. Her main points are that photography on a personal mobile device has allowed for the medium to maintain social relationships, serve as memory, show personal perspective and present a person’s identity through their self presentation and expression […]

Reading Response #2: Ribak- Julia Smith

Ribak’s article examines mobile devices as transitional objects for teenagers specifically among Israeli families. Ribak emphasizes the way that the mobile phone plays a role between communication within families especially between the children and the parents. His findings outline that although in theory the mobile phone would increase communication through constant connection via technology, it […]

Blog Post #3 Taylor Salazar

Since we received the locative media project I’ve been thinking a lot about how the spaces I’ve picked match certain sounds, or how they remind me of certain sounds; very similar to how the picture I had to take today for the Photo-a-day #9 matched the feeling of fall and Halloween, and the song “Thriller” […]