Reading response #2 Max Guttman

Death of the Cyberflaneur In 19th century France, a flaneur was the urban explorer who would wonder around for hours on end with no purpose other than to see. Flaneur’s were anonymous to the area and curious about the world around them and interested about the mysteries surrounding their locations. With no cars or bikes, […]

John Debbie Blog #3

So far I have been able to figure out the areas that I want to do for my stories and sounds. I have also figure out some of my stories and sounds, but I still need to figure out what to do for some of my stories. I have also started to build the app. […]

Reading Response #2

The article “Remote Control, Umbilical Cord, and Beyond: The Mobile Phone as a Transitional Object by Rivka Ribak discusses how the mobile phone has become a transitional object for people. A transitional object is an object like a teddy bear that people have that allows them to transition through the stages of growth. The mobile […]

Reading Response #3 What Happened To Our Audience

The Albarren reading addresses the paradigm shift in new media in the last fifty years, mainly concerned with how the changing ways we consume media affects the radio industry. Many changes have been seen since the advent of television for radio to maintain it’s grip as a viable source for news and other entertainment content. It’s […]

Kyle Mackie Reading Response #2 “Replacing Place”

Mitchell’s essay Replacing Place concerns itself with the negative space that occurs between two points in a digital conversation, where information is sent or a conversation may be had in an online chat room, universally known as “cyberspace”. Mitchell discusses the idea that the internet begins to mimic our real-life understanding of social interaction by manifesting […]

Blog #3: Delaney Schoenfeldt “Locative Media Project”

This week, I have been working on my locative media project. For my project, I decided to look at The Boulder Theater. I actually work there as a production intern so I’m there quite a lot and I’m excited to share my love for the building through this innovative project. I have already recorded a […]

Reading Response #3 – Delaney Schoenfeldt “Picture This”

During week 7, I was able to read the about how mobile media has altered traditional photo-sharing practices in Lisa Gye’s article “Picture This”. Primarily, the essay focused on the social relationships that photos implement and how our sharing of photos has impacted the way we interact with each other. In past times, if we […]

Blog Post #3 – Aidan Martinez

My first step to completing my locative media project was to first of all decide where I would like to have my project located so I chose to do Pearl Street. I’ve also made sure to work on and set up my app to make sure I go through any glitches that I may come […]

Reading Response #3 – Aidan Martinez

For this weeks reading response I decided to focus on Erickson and the “Documentary with Ephemeral Media”. The main idea Erickson talks about is the idea of sociolocative broadcasting which as stated by Erickson is “the desire to create a lasting documentary of a place” and using geolocation (see link at bottom). Erickson compares the […]