Reading Response #3 “Picture This” – John Mackin

In Lisa Gye’s “Picture This” article she covers the impacts of mobile camera phones and the ability to always have a camera at our fingertips. Lisa explains how we personal photography to for self-expression and self-presentation purposes. Personal photography was advertised as a way to save memories and share them. It also became a way of creating and maintaining relationships. Photographs are shared in so many ways that they aid to the connection between two people, for instance sending a picture through the mail to a loved one. This experience builds that connection between each other. The ability of having our mobile phone with us at all times increases the ability of taking photos. The article discusses the differences between the mobile phone and a digital camera, in the sense the phone, until recently, doesn’t have great quality of taking photos. A mobile phone picture is/was used for the users individuality rather than group concerns. Sharing photographs gives something more to a relationship than sharing just messages. It creates a visual intimacy between people. Although personal photography has advanced the way we share memories and connect with one another, it also sometimes is problematic. Pictures can devalue something you see in person, such as a picture of a painting. They also raise privacy concerns; nobody wants a random snapshotting a picture of them down the street. We are always being watched. All in all camera phones have extended the way we look at the world and how we understand our world.

This is relevant to the course because it is important to understand this new medium of camera phones. Its important to understand how as the medium chances the message can change too. As media production majors, we should be able to understand the changes in our media environment and explain them.

This relates to my own experiences because I have grown up in the generation that camera phones came about. I remember being in elementary school and being the only person in the school with a camera on my phone, since then I have seen the way personal photography has grown. I had thousands of followers on Instagram before it was a social status app, back when the app was used strictly for good photography. And I watched the app grow into a societal norm to use the app for a good self-presentation.