Blog Post #3

The locative media project that we have been working on this week and will be working on next week as well has given me some considerable challenges to face. My progress has not been overly considerable in the creation of this project. This is probably due to the fact that I am at a complete loss of inspiration as to what I even want to do with it. Locative media is a completely new concept to me, and i am having some difficulty even considering what to do with this. The app furnace website is very new to mess well. I have never used a site like it. I think the template based design is very interesting, but it really seems that to be able to fully utilize the website to its greatest potential, one needs an inherent knowledge of how it works, as well as some background in programming. These are both things I do not have. I plan on using the weekend to familiarize myself with the site as well as explore places on campus to give a virtual tour of. I think it would be really cool to find an area that is kind of off of the beaten path and create a project regarding that.

This project relates quite well to the course in the fact that we have been studying how location and media influence each other. I remember watching that video tour of the train station and thinking how effective of a locational media project that was. Virtual tours have the potential to really create a powerful effect on the consumer, so this is very important when looking at how what we are doing relates to our class.

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