Blog Post #2: Locational Media Project-Brendan Iwashko

Thus far, I have completed the tutorial on building a GPS-triggered audio player, done the bonus step, and began planning my location and story.

The tutorial for creating the GPS-triggered audio player was mostly pretty simple, but definitely got finicky in places. For example, I spent a lot of time trying to make my titles look nice, only to have my web browser crash (without me saving) and have to restart. This wasn’t too big of a deal, however, and the second time around went much faster and looked much better. Once I had finished the tutorial, the app wasn’t working. I rechecked everything and it all seemed fine. Upon restarting the app, it worked fine, and I was able to complete the bonus portion of the tutorial and rename the audio tracks for the user.

On top of this tutorial, I have done some preliminary planning on location and story. I live in Kittredge, and have done a lot of exploring there, so I decided to make the location for the app an area behind the basketball courts of the Coor’s Event Center, an interesting, secluded, grassy hill, and a common place to see deer at night. I am probably going to create a story about deer and wildlife, possibly educational, exciting, or just for humor. One problem I anticipate, however, is the Wi-Fi connection being undependable. I will do some Wi-Fi tests back there to determine if it is a good location, and if not, I will probably choose a similar area, possibly the creek behind Sewall or another area in Kittredge with interesting wildlife.

Although I am still in the very early stages of this project, it is interesting so far, and I anticipate it being a fun challenge to complete.