Blog #3: John Mackin – Locative Media Project

Thus far in the project, I have not yet gotten very far in my progress. I have been brainstorming creative ideas for this project. I was discussing with some friends the idea of this project to bounce back and fourth some ideas. One of my buddies suggested acting as a famous cartoon character, such as towelie from south park. Giving the project a comedic and fun theme to the project. I love this idea, but I am simply just not good at imitating voices, therefore; I had to toss that idea. Yesterday, I was relaxing on Norlin Quad and I thought how perfect of an area that would be to walk around and do one of these locative media projects. “But what would the project entail”, I thought to myself. Looking around Norlin Quad you get a strong sense of the history of CU Boulder. You’ve got buildings with some strong history such as the Old Main or Norlin Library, as well as the Quad itself has some awesome history. This lead me to want to create a project based on the history around Norlin Quad. I could talk about the history for the voice-over and use an old CU fight song and compare it with a newer version for the song-over. This would give the user of the app and nice interactive way of getting some brief history of the Quad.

Difficulties for this project include everything Appfurnace. Initially in recitation last week, the website was pretty hard to maneuver for a first time user. Yesterday, I went to the library and set aside 2 hours to get the project rolling. But mistakingly, I did not write down the log in information for Appfurnace and spent a majority of my time trying to log in, which I was unsuccessful. I have the log in information now (thank you sophie) and will get back at it again today. Although, my time in the library wasn’t a complete failure because it lead me to sitting on Norlin Quad and brainstorming the idea for the project.

My project somewhat reminds me of the Alter Banff Station project we watched in class. Instead of Memories being the topic, this time it will be a topic of CU history.