emilyliese – blog post #2 how-to vines

I started thinking about what I would do for this blog while I was still in the recitation. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything original or not mind numbingly boring and then I thought of something- frats. Rush week for all the fraternities was starting and that’s all my […]

Blog 2

I think I’ve learned from my last blog that this is not something I can rush! The Vine assignment we were given has made me think a lot about what I can present to people that is unique and humorous. After a couple of days of planning and drafting, I have finally come up with […]

Perry Andre Blog Post #2

Throughout the week, I have been thinking pretty hard about what topic I am going to show for the vine project. After a long and careful decision, I decided to use my six second how-to video on the thing I love most, cycling. Specifically, I want to go back ten years ago when I first […]

Blog Post #2: Noah Zucker

The Vine project hasn’t been terrible so far. I’ve mostly been brainstorming and storyboarding, but I think I’m finally ready to start the production phase this weekend. I felt like it would be in my interest to pick something very simple, so I went with heating up a pop-tart. This sounds like it would be […]

Blog Post #2 Avery Woods

This week we are focusing on the Vine project. I am especially interested in working with Vine because I think social media is a platform that will continue to grow and I want to be up to speed on the matter. It’s exciting to take a class that is geared towards contemporary media because we get […]

Blog Post #2 Andrew Yang

I have yet to begin filming for the vine project; however, I have several ideas for what I want to film. Having the limitation of six seconds serves as a double-edged sword. On one hand, six seconds is not very long; on the other hand, I believe it inspires creativity as well as simplicity. With these two […]

Blog #2 Vaughan

The ‘how to’ vine assignment has not seen a ton of progress for me yet. Unfortunately, I am not in the area of execution with the video yet, and I am still in the realm of brainstorming exactly what it is that I want to do for the assignment.  I have to admit that vine […]


The selfi photo a day was a hard project that to be completely honest I feel as if I did not do very well on or as well as I could have. At first I would just take random selfis but as time progressed I realized that me as an individual is a damn awkward […]

Blog #2 Cole Pates

Throughout this week I had many ideas that I wanted to pursue for the vine project. Day after day I tried to create a video that I was happy with but I always ran into the same problems. The first problem was the time limit. Six-seconds was barely enough time to even introduce any of […]

Blog #2 – Delaney Schoenfeldt

Last recitation, we were assigned the project of creating a ‘How-To’ Vine. Admittedly, I am a bit of a Vine novice and was a bit worried about difficulty of creating an informative narrative in only six seconds. Sure, I have perused the app from time to time, but I had never put genuine effort into […]