Reading response #3 – Kai Maulhardt

I thought This weeks readings where very interesting, especially coming from some one who enjoys music and audio its self. Audio is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and a lot of it started with radio. The radio changed the modern families life drastically from there social life to getting there daily information. We have come a long way from radio and now we not only have audio but we have visuals now. So why did we move from radios to other sources especially for music? This is what the readings explain. To explain we will have to start at the beginning of radio. Radio back in the day was the modern families TV now they would all get together and surround the radio overnight and listen to there favorite station. Soon radio became mobile it was used in cars mostly to listen to your favorite music to pass time on car rides. Not long after that people moved to iTunes and mp3s to listen to there music, Why? Well like we talked about in class people hated the the spontaneous nature of radio. To listen to what you wanted to listen to you would have to be there at that exact time to tune in. People did not like this because people where busy they had stuff they had to do. So thats why we started movie towards more accessible sources such as Sirus XM and iTunes where we could listen what we want when we want.