Zack Goldring- Locative Media App Review

I have partnered up with Matt Santos to review each others apps. At first, Matt was struggling to get his audio working properly with the zones, but after adjusting and re-sizing the zones and points, he was able to get it to function properly. Sometimes you may have to quit the app and restart it to play the correct audio, but that seems to be a problem that affected many students in our class.

I really enjoyed the comedic approach Matt took, whilst incorporating really immersive atmosphere tracks from the Harry Potter soundtrack. The atmospheric tracks worked very well in the music building, and changed the way I experienced walking through it. The way the atmosphere track changed as you walked up the stairs made it feel as though I was entering a different part of Hogwarts and flowed perfectly. Additionally, when his story tracks start to come in, it is a very humorous contrast between the fantastical Harry Potter music and his tale of a boy who plays a lightning bolt clarinet. The story still works well with the backing atmosphere, but creates a very different feel than the original song was supposed to portray. One thing I would consider re-doing would be potentially selecting a different area to host the project, as the music building was just slightly finicky with wi-fi signals, but still worked in the end.

This project was very interesting, as it allowed us to see how easy it can be to augment reality on a smaller scale by just augmenting a small area. It is very intriguing to me how just adding some audio tracks can completely change the experience of walking through a building. As I walked up the stairs of the music building, the atmosphere track changed and I really felt as though I was walking into a different part of Hogwarts, where an extraordinary clarinetist attended school.

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