Reading Response #5 – Kai Maulhardt

This week we read a really interesting article about how cars have always been a median for entertainment. Or you could say a frame for a screen. Ever since cars where invented they have changed the way we view the world. Everything is different from the seat of a car. objects in the outside world change things are moving faster. everything looks like a blur, this is the reason in the article that it says the car in the old days was frame for a screen. Not only do physical objects change but reality its self changed. We got places faster no longer did people have to live in the busy city where crime rates where high. This changed to people living in suburbs where it was safe and a better family environment. Now this was back in the old days. Its gone even further now a days. Personally the phone and GPS have changed my view in a car. For example i know longer no street names and i always know how long it will take to get there. Which in some ways makes me late because its definitely not always accurate. Also another thing thats changing is the computers in the cars that are gonna also change the view of the world. Take the Tesla for example it has Netflix and Facebook and now autopilot. Imagine the world with auto pilot we would be able to go on drives that are longer, and we would get places even faster cause we wouldn’t have to stop to sleep. Personally i love cars and them being more automated is ruining that love for cars.