Partner review for App Furnace – Ross Gilchrist

app furnace review.

Ross Gilchrist

CMDP 1400- 1


Partner App Review


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Davey and I wanted to work together and see how each project turned out for the journey we would take as a guide on campus as if we were real tour guides.

I did not like the coding as much as he did. The coding was very nit picky on the spelling. This was a problem we both overcame as we collaborated with our TA and ourselves to master the sound coming out. However the sound needed to be put into mp4a to MP3. The funny steps in between were when the atmosphere would work and when the story would not work. This problem was salved when spelling out the whole word atmosphere. I liked how he was able use a home made sound track from a local band to be his backdrop sound and with his girlfriend making screeching sounds. The band was playing the Pokemon from these guys from St. Cloud Acacia fraternity. I thought critically of Davey’s project and thought it could had done with a little map. Another suggestion I thought Davey could add was have a happy sound affect maybe not have his girlfriend screeching. It was a little distracting with a combination the Pokemon son. I think it made a big difference between where I thought I was and what I was supposed to be seeing. Because I the mix of all the sounds together was very disorientating in a cool way but also very unique and confusing.