Locative Media Review – Josie Hoien

Max Levy presented me with a creative locative media experience that was executed with the proficiency of a seasoned producer. The project took place in “Dave’s Saloon,” a fictional location that required imagination to conjure up. I think that Max did a great job of narrating a space. In the first story clip, the story didn’t move through the space but used various voices to augment reality and make me believe that I was sitting at the bar with the characters, listening in on a conversation. In the second story clip, Max used the space differently: I could practically see people running through the rain as the action unfolded. This clip best utilized the space in which it occurred by narrating movement through that space, which ties into concepts we talked about in class.The sound quality in his clips demonstrated Max’s technological knowledge. There was a nice overlap of sounds when the rain and the dramatic music came into play.

While I only listened to the audio due to technical difficulties, I feel like the audio itself told a colorful story and experiencing it in the actual location would be even more powerful. Since it was a fictional environment within a present day location, I would have liked more description about how to transform the actual environment into the fictional one in my brain.

If I wasn’t convinced before, I’m convinced now: media and location go hand in hand. We take in more than we simply hear or see on a screen. I’d say the location in which we consume media accounts for 50% of the experience.