Locative Media Project Review – Zachary Altschuler

I really enjoyed listening to Devin’s locative media project and thought it was a very well done project. His choice of music for his atmospheres were very soothing and complimented his stories very well inside the space, the UMC. Both of his stories were also very cool and I thought he did a great job on making those. The effects that he used on his voiceovers really helped disguise his voice and made me think I was actually being talked to by a viking. I found his approach to the the project very interesting. Instead of using sounds that would of made no sense in the space, Devin’s story sounds gave me the feeling that I was being given a tour of the UMC by an actual viking rather than him just talking to me. I think his project made me think differently about the importance between space and media and how they affect each other. The space in which we view and listen to media tremendously helps the outcome of how the piece is portrayed and can completely change how something is looked at.

Unfortunately, we had a problem getting some of his sounds to play in the areas he had designed it to be played in because of a problem with AppFurnace. We solved this problem by bringing his sounds into Google Drive and playing them off there while walking through his space. The only thing that I would change in Devin’s project would be to turn up the volume on his stories so that they could be heard over the music playing in the background but overall his project was excellent.

Devin’s Project: http://the.appfurnace.com/test/ACvxe/