Locative Media Project Review – Matt Santos

I reviewed Zack Goldring’s application, and I think that it was great. He themed his audio clips around the Hateful 8 movie, which I enjoyed and thought worked well for the VAC and ATLAS buildings. Both atmosphere tracks fit well with their respective buildings, adding an interesting feel. I especially enjoyed the VAC’s atmosphere track, it was intense, which I thought fit in the maze-like basement of the building where one could get lost. Both story tracks fit their atmosphere tracks well, and his personally recorded audio track I found to be quite good! His application made me think differently about the relationship between media and space because these audio tracks transformed the space into scenes from a movie. Without the media, the space would have been completely different. It’s interesting to think about how media can transform space or vice versa.

I did have trouble getting it to work, but I believe everybody did. I found that quitting the application and then reopening it would start the new tracks in the different zones. However, I found the overall application to be very finicky and difficult to get working. However, none of this is Zack’s fault. One thing that I would change is the length of the story tracks, one was about twenty seconds and other was almost a minute. I think if they were both about the same length, it could have been improved. However, this didn’t detract from the application and I thought that he did a great job!

Zack’s Application

My Application

Screenshot of My Application Zones