Locative Media: Partner Reviews – Michael Devincenzi

I partnered with Jack Zamacona for the locative media project. Early on, we discussed our ideas with one another, and provided suggestions to enhance each other’s projects. Earlier this week, walked around campus and reviewed one another’s work. Jack’s locative media project was a parody on a campus golf tournament and was very well executed. He incorporated the music from the famous PGA tournament, The Masters, which really brought me back (I have fond memories of sitting down with my dad every April, and hearing that tune before the first tee). Jack had written and recorded a script for Story #1 that perfectly emulated a PGA golf announcer; the politely quiet voice paired with a slight Australian accent. Entering Atmosphere #2, birds began to chirp on the Norlin Quad and really brought the story to life. Another passage was written and recorded for Story #2. This one included corny advertisements for local businesses like Smelly Deli and Tra Lings. The birds faded away as the audio came to a close. VERY NICE! Initially, we both encountered some technical issues getting our audio to play in the actual designed space, but after working that out, the app worked smoothly. Only thing I’d change is make the audio clips a bit longer. The dialogue was on point and I wanted to hear more.