Blog post #4 – Kai Maulhardt

This finale project is probably my favorite because its takes all the skills we have learned through out the semester and combines it into one big project. Also i love building websites, I’ve built plenty in the past and i think its just very artistic. Web site engine i decided to use is Wix just because I’ve used it before and i think its super smooth running and clean looking. For my website i wanted to make it really simple and clean like a white template with black accents. I also wanted to make it very user friendly and not super jumbled. i hate websites that are super jumbled and hard to find what your looking for. A good example of this is The CU Boulder site. This site is exactly what I’m avoiding all the portals, links, and different websites they have is awful and a pain in the butt. I haven’t really had any problems with creating my web site except for maybe adding pictures but i think that was just a computer issue that i worked out. Like i said this project obviously really relates to class because its a chance to put all our work we’ve done in the class and compile its to create a great looking portfolio.




For Example these two links are pictures from class the first one being from the beginning of the semester and the second being from the end. On my Website i am going tot show case the progress i have made in my pictures. From composition, lighting, and focus.