Blog 4 – David Sheinbein

Ross and I decided to swap projects as well as review each other about the locative media project that we eat made on AppFurnace. Ross Gilchrist application url is as follows: ( So once we had tested each other’s applications I reviewed his project reflecting on several questions. The first question was did you have trouble getting it to work? He explained to me that he had a ton of trouble with coding the project as well as trying to convert the sound to mp3 format to which I told him I also had a lot of difficultly with them as well. Next I reflected on what exactly I found interesting or creative about his approach to the project. I decided that I found the funny accents he put on as well as the randomness of his story like when there is all of a sudden a unicorn to be quiet creative. In reflection about his project I had to decide on one thing that you would I would change about it. I decided that I would probably recommend that he add a map of the location that he is working with so the program could track me as I walk along it on the map. Lastly I reflected on how the project made me think differently about the relationship between media and space. I realized now that I thought that the project is very similar to how they map out different areas of museum and it shift my way of thinking about how spaces can be mapped electronically as well.
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