AppFurnace Review – Kai Maulhardt

I reviewed Zachs app and it was over all really good. He decided to put his area in and around Farrand field and i think it fit his audio really well. he used the appropriate sound for the the right location. For example while your walking around Farrand field you here the back ground noise of students walking to class but when you walk into Farrand field you hear birds chirping. The birds chirping really captured the essence of the out door environment. i also felt like it transported me to summer when its nice and sunny out and everyone is hanging out on the field. Then if you go walk to corners of the field you hear little stories of something that he witnessed that day on Farrand field like a squirrel playing on the tree. Over all i thought it was well put together app the sounds where clear and you could hear them really well, and the transitions from space to space went very smoothly.