App Review (Josie Hoien) — Max Levy

Josie Hoien made a dope app that I enjoyed using.

The narrator, voiced by Josie, describes a night at the opera, set in the foyer and main theater of Macky Auditorium. The story is complemented by a sample of opera music, as well as natural sound of walking as the listener approaches Macky from the south.

Overall, the app is focused and does a good job of painting a picture using only a few elements. Josie’s language is descriptive, and the music adds a lot. The audio itself is good quality and clearly shows attention to production (story track and atmosphere were well-balanced, no overblown plosives or compression artifacts, &c.).

I thought her choice of place for the app was creative. As someone who has been inside of Macky only once for freshman orientation, I found it engaging.

The one thing that I thought could have been improved was the incorporation the first atmosphere track into the story. Also, some additional sound effects might have helped to really locate the listener in the scene.

Josie’s app had some problems generating a test version, so I can’t include a link to it here.

Here’s a link for my own app: