Reading Response #5 Josie Hoien

The article, “Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?” by Nichols addresses the importance of using ethical practice in documentaries. Since documentaries affect people’s lives, Nichols returned to the question “What do we do with our subjects?” as a way to check in on the ethics of production. This article dissects the relationship between […]

Blog post #5 – Jessie Macinnes

So for the most part I am almost completely done with my final portfolio project. The last thing I have to do is finish the writing portion of the project, so that I can then proof read and edit the entire project, before publishing it. Some of the Difficulties I’ve come across in the writing […]

Blog #5 – Nicolas Vallejo

The final portfolio website is nearly complete, with only a few additional details to be added. The style and theme have been solidified, providing a simplistic, yet easily understandable, design. Each requirement has its own dedicated page, which is linked in the top menu bar. The pages themselves are almost finished, with just a few […]

Blog 4 – Zack Altschuler

Our last and final media project that we have been working on in class is the final portfolio website. The assignment is to create a WordPress site that can display most of the work I’ve made this semester. The site will show my work from my photo-a-day’s on Instagram, my how-to Vine, and also my […]

Blog #5 Josie Hoien

I’ve almost entirely completed my final portfolio WordPress website. In the process, I feel like I’ve gained new technology skills as well (mostly clicking on random buttons until the appropriate thing happens). I’ve come a long way since the last time I wrote a blog post. Back then, I was in the process of writing […]

Blog 5 – David Sheinbein

Since the last blog post i have continued to work diligently in order to complete the final portfolio project in a timely manner. I have managed to complete all of the post except for the final post. I started out by making sure that every post that was supposed to have a photo had a […]

Blog #5 – Devin Michaelis

I’ve managed to get all of the content that I plan on writing about uploaded to the final portfolio. All that’s left is to add text and relate the material to class discussions. Another triumph is that I’ve succeeded in embedding my How-To Vine. I’ve finally organized my links in a way that I’m satisfied […]

Blog #5 — Max Levy

“ESTRAGON: I can’t go on like this.   VLADIMIR: That’s what you think.” – Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot As much as I think teaching myself HTML/CSS over the past few weeks has been a good idea, and that I will prosper from my initiative down the line, it has had several negative impacts on doing […]

Blog #5: Jack Zamacona – Final Portfolio #2

Although my first encounters with WordPress were quite daunting, after further familiarization and fiddling with the tools, I believe I am now able and equipped to successfully tackle this project. Before, I felt restricted in my capability to edit and format my site, and was only able to choose which pictures I would include without […]

Reading response #3 – Kai Maulhardt

I thought This weeks readings where very interesting, especially coming from some one who enjoys music and audio its self. Audio is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and a lot of it started with radio. The radio changed the modern families life drastically from there social life to getting there daily information. We […]