Blog post #3 – Kai Mauldhart

The Locative media assignment has been really interesting and fun. I think i enjoy it a lot because it includes a lot of elements of the class. For example it really emphasis on the one platform idea with the iPad and how it is portable and you can really use it any where. The thing i think it relates to the most in class is the augmented reality portion we have been going over the past few days. The project is really taking what we’ve learned in class and making us apply it in out own way by changing a space with sounds. For example if you check out my media artifact it says rider dropping which is only the start of my series of sound effects that I’m gonna attach in a space through an i pad app that i put together. It says rider dropping because I’m gonna try and turn my space into a bike competition with fans cheering and wind noises and bicycle noises. Through that I’m gonna try and augment the reality of the space so that it feels like your competing in a bike completion even though you aren’t really there. All and all the project hasn’t been to bad i haven’t really got to the testing phase so we will see when i get there if i have any hiccups. I think the only trouble I’ve ran into is changing the code for the app to fit my project better, that was a little tricky. Ive had fun so far making it and can’t wait to see the finish project. (I still can’t get my artifact in here so i emailed it to you)