Ross Gilchrist – Reading Response #3

I thought that this weeks readings were really interesting about how media and radio collide in one. For example as we dicussed in class about how people used to have to listen to radio and need to picture what was happening in their mind. Alberran emphasizes the idea of what we are moving towards and […]

Reading Response #3 – Zachary Goldring

In the “Picture This” article, Lisa Gye discusses how the introduction of mobile cameras into cell phones have changed how photography is used in society. By adding a camera to your pocket, you allow yourself to capture memories with you whenever you are. Photography used to be a long process, where taking one was an […]

Reading Response #3 – Devin Michaelis

In Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices, Lisa Gye explores the purpose that photography serves in modernity. She asserts that the desire to photograph is socially constructed and culturally specific. She also mentions that the presence of a narrator and a listener in the performative act of showing and […]

Reading Response #3 – Zack Altschuler

For my reading response, I decided to write about Mohammad Ally’s article, Practitioners as Innovators. In the article, Mohammad discuses how people are using their cell phones for different purposes weather it is for pleasure, learning, teaching, or work. Mainly focusing on how individuals are effected by their mobile device. He digs deeper into how people are […]

Reading Response #3: Jack Zamacona – Lisa Gye reading

In Lisa Gye’s article, Picture This: The Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices, she analyzes personal photography and its current social uses, and to examine how camera phones are impacting the uses of personal photography. Gye also discusses how “camera phones are enabling new modes of personal photography”, and how they are […]

Reading Response #3 — Max Levy

“Therefore, what is threatening cannot come closer from a definite direction without nearness, it is already ‘there’ — and yet nowhere. It is so near that it is oppressive and takes one’s breath — and yet it is nowhere.”             ~ Martin Heidegger, Being and Time The Internet has been the object of flamboyant praise […]

Reading Response #3: Lisa Gye Article – Nick Vallejo

Lisa Gaye’s article, “Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices,” discusses the ways in which the phone camera has become an extension of the personal camera of old, as well as how it has become more disparate.  Gye argues that we use our mobile phones for the same purposes that camera users […]

Reading Response #3 – Henry Volkmer

In Lisa Gye’s paper, “Picture This,” is about the social uses of personal photography and the impact that the smart phone has had on personal photography. She categorizes numerous ways smart phone photography is used in social life, and comes up with the following intentions: maintaining social groups, expressing yourself, and preserving your memories. Gye argues […]

Reading Response 3 – David Sheinbein

This week’s reading response i decided to discuss the article called “What Happened to our Audience?” Radio and New Technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users which was composed by several authors Alan B. Albarran for example. This article is about how radio has been impacted by the invention of new technologies such as […]

Reading Response #3 – Josie Hoien

“Picture This” by Lisa Gye is about the changing photography habits that resulted from media convergence of cameras and cell phones. She claims that cameras have 3 main uses: memory, maintaining social relationships, and self-expression/presentation. Historically, pictures were used to record family life, bind us to past social groups, share one’s perspective, and aid in present storytelling (since prints allowed […]