Reading Response #2 – Kai Maulhardt



We have come a long with technology from having a computer that could barely fit in a room to having a computer that has the world at the press of a button but can fit in your pocket. With this new found technology the only question we can ask is what are we to do with such powerful resources in our hands. Well according to Ally we can use it as a tool now what specialists have used for certain research ordinary people can use it to research for there everyday life weather its in an un-formal setting or a formal setting. Thats not the interesting part the interesting part of this is that it is now spontaneous. We can now be asked a question we don know and instantly answer that question at the touch of a button. Take this picture for example it really shows how much information we have in our hand or in the device in our hands i should say. So what has this tool been used for really anything from teaching to entertainment. But just like in the picture there is some one holding this information in there hands and thats the cool part, According to Ally “learning appears to be occupying a new space that gives individuals the capacity to make use of electronic resources and tools in fl exible ways that suit their circumstances and lifestyles.” This means no matter who you are, where you are, and what your doing your mobil device can help you learn. In the way that it is useful it is also challenging because these devices are so personal we really have to find affective “ways of sharing and disseminating information.” Ally says, so like the picture suggests you have the world in your hands. Use it let it help you make it an extension for learning and creating, the limitations are endless.