Blog Post #1 – Kai Maulhardt

I have thoroughly enjoyed the photo of the day project. it has really helped me with my photo taking skills and has forced me to look at stuff from different angles, to get a different meaning. I don’t really have favorite week or prompt that we did i enjoyed them all. I would have to say my favorite picture I’ve done so far is the one where i sat on the side of the Darly North Hall. This picture i really think i got a good depth of field and really showed that vertigo affect of being up high. Another picture i really like was the one i did of the silhouette hand against the computer screen with the ring highlighting the Netflix logo. I think this picture portrayed the best meaning cause it really hi lighted the viewers attention to the Netflix logo to show really how much Netflix i watch in college. I also have had some trouble with the photo of the day assignment just because I’m so used to using a DSLR its been kind of hard switching to an iPad. The MoviePro App has helped a lot though, because in the app you can change a wide range of stuff from iso to shutter speed. I think the best feature is the manual focus, it really helps you get that in focus out of focus affect that really controls the observers attention. All and all i have enjoyed this project and am looking forward to the prompts ahead.