Reading Response #1: Kai Maulhardt

In today’s world everything is growing so fast, every where you look there is a new technological advancement whether that be a device, more powerful then ever that fits inside your pocket or a new way of viewing movies such as Netflix. As Scott say’s do these new technologies change the way we see cinema, and if so is it a good or a bad thing. Like Scott said there are many people who do believe cinema is dead because of the new technology.
Do i believe cinema is dead because of technology? No i don’t believe it is because the reason i watch a movie is to see the art or the piece of work that is the movie. I don’t believe it matters the how or where you watch that movie. unless of course the producer has intended for that movie to be seen at a certain place or time, which is usually not the case these days. For example ill go to the movie theater every once in while to see a movie that i have been waiting to see for a long time, just because it’s better on the big screen but it doesn’t mean the content of the movie has changed. All that has changed is the environment in which the movie is watched. I think the question we have to ask ourselves is what is cinema because if cinema is watching a movie on big screen and eating popcorn with a group of other people, then yes i do believe that is dying but, if its the art itself then cinema is very much alive.