Reading Response #1 Wayne Schultheis

“The Screening of America” by A. O. Scott talks of how the world of media has been changing and his views on the ever changing formats. To see a movie or screening of anything for that matter back in the day you had to go to a theater. They would show everything from news and […]

Reading Response #1: Nicolas Vallejo

A.O. Scott’s “The Screening of America” illustrates the idea that cinema, in a traditional sense, is dying. People no longer consume media in the same ways that they used to. Decades ago, people received a majority of such content at movie theaters; television and the internet were newly-constructed, or did not even exist yet. Moviegoers […]

Reading Response #1 – Michael Devincenzi

This past week, I read an excerpt from John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, as covered by the BBC. In Chapter 1, Berger discusses the influence of the camera and film in the eye of the artist, and his audience. Moreover, how the camera has changed man’s view of his surrounding landscapes. So integrated into today’s […]

Reading Response #1: Zack Altschuler

In the New York Times article, The Screening of America, A.O Scott discusses how the true cinema experience has changed drastically. He confronts this observation by looking at the ability to watch old and new films like never before through the use of different platforms, and how they might take away from the art of […]

Reading Response #1: Zach Rosilier

In this weeks reading John Berger discusses how the authenticity of any given work of art can deteriorate through reproduction. When art is reproduced, be it a painting, sculpture or photograph, the original experience of the piece is chipped away at. Every time one catches a glance of the Mona Lisa, whether its on the […]

Reading Response #1: Kai Maulhardt

In today’s world everything is growing so fast, every where you look there is a new technological advancement whether that be a device, more powerful then ever that fits inside your pocket or a new way of viewing movies such as Netflix. As Scott say’s do these new technologies change the way we see cinema, […]

Reading Response #1 – Devin Michaelis

In Ways of Seeing, John Berger discusses how the reproduction of a work of art distorts the authenticity of that work. He goes on to discuss how photography influences painting, saying that reproducing a painting through photography destroys the uniqueness of its image and the meaning changes and becomes fragmented into many meanings as a […]

Reading Response #1

In the A.O Scott reading, The Screening of America, he discusses his own personal experience with how media has changed how he personally views old media. In the article A.O. Scott is arguing that the movie theater is dead, He comes to this realization as he’s on the bus, watching the classic holiday film it’s […]

Reading Response #1: Jack Zamacona – The Screening of America

In the article, The Screening of America, A.O. Scott discovers how the experience of cinema has changed dramatically. He questions that because films, old and new, are now so accessible through a variety of platforms (i.e. computers), might this ‘access’ deteriorate the art of cinema. While he acknowledges that the act of moviegoing will most […]

Reading Response 1 – Matthew Santos

“The Screening of America” by A.O. Scott argues that the traditional form of cinema is dying off and debates the importance of this shift. Scott emphasizes the question of “how much does that matter” when considering viewing traditional cinema outside of the theater. Scott is concerned with the concept that we are consuming movies drastically […]