Blog #4 – Final Portfolio #1 – Alex Teufel

The final portfolio has been an adventure to say the least. From searching through over 50 Instagram photos we have accumulated during the semester, to writing unique blurbs for every project, we have been able to show how our media skills as students has developed throughout the course. So far, I’m having a really good […]

Blog #5 Final Portfolio

I am very much enjoying the work I’ve done so far on my Final Portfolio. I have never made my own website before, and the wordpress platform we are using is fairly easy to get the hang of. The main section that I have been enjoying is the post where you display 5 images that […]

Blog #5: Final Portfolio 2

During lecture on Wednesday about the guidelines of how to go about the project, I wasn’t entirely confused or lost on what is being looked for. However, now that I think about it, it would’ve been nice to see an example presentation of a portfolio to really get the points across instead of trying to […]

Katrina Forte Blog #5 Final Portfolio 2

For this week’s blog post, I will be discussing my thoughts on the Final Portfolio project. So far, I have really been enjoying this project. It has been a lot of fun creating my own website. I have done stuff like this before in high school, but never this fancy. I have found that working […]

Blog #5: Trevor Borasio – Final Successes and Difficulties

I’m making a lot of progress on my website. I have changed the theme to make it look modern, created a slideshow for my photos, connected my social media sites, written my locational media page, written my vine page, and completed my introduction. However, I still need to finish the final paragraphs, make it as […]

Nathan Moses – Blog #5 – Final Portfolio

My final portfolio site is still going well. I’m learning new stuff every time I work on my site and I am figuring out how to do a lot of cool things to improve my content. My site is pretty much organized and done. I just need to finish all of my summaries and descriptions […]

Blog #5: Portfolio II: the sequel

I have made a lot of progress and the site is starting to look a lot more like what I want it to. I keep changing my mind about what to make my three themes though. I really want to include virtual reality and representation in media, and also surveillance. I think I might try […]

Blog #5 Final Portfolio 2

In continuing to work on the final portfolio assignment, I have spent a bit of time the past week finding a WordPress theme for my site. I finally found one called Divi that is very user friendly and has a visual page builder which I find really useful and helpful in terms of formatting my […]

Blog #5: Final Portfolio 2

As I’m reaching the final stages of this project I have made an impressive amount of progress to my portfolio. I have completed the writing portion of my production work and embedded the Vine video and added two maps showing the location of where my locative media took place. I’m almost done with the photography section and […]