Blog #4: Trevor Borasio – Working through WordPress

So far I’ve made a lot of progress on my website. I’ve chosen a theme, created most of my pages, uploaded my introduction photograph, and written paragraphs for my introduction and half of my vine. In addition, I have added my Flickr photo stream and looked into other widgets that I might want to add. […]

Locative Media Project Review

Due to some technicalities with my partner, we decided to review our own apps. I had a little bit of initial trouble getting my app to work on my computer, but after editing the code a little bit (making it possible to play both mp3’s and m4a’s), I was able to get it to work […]

Locative Media Review

Unfortunately, my extenuating circumstances outside of class had a great impact of how I was able to do this project. Before all of that happened, I was looking forward to the project because I thought it would be a really cool and interesting way to learn how to design a personalized app. I wish I […]

Reading Response #5

For this response, I chose to write on Bill Nichols article, Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking? I picked this piece because it is provocative and has caused me to think about the credibility of documentaries as a whole. I personally don’t watch very many documentaries, although I like them and draw inspiration from […]

Reading Response #4 Friedberg

In this reading, Friedberg talks about the ways in which we view cinema and reality through screens and windows. She approaches this from an interesting point of view, talks about how both windshields and film screens provide a sense of cinematic reality, but in completely different ways. Friedberg suggests that the car windshield provides a way […]

Locative media app, review

II reviewed Marina Chhoeun’s app: We kept a good communication throughout the project, and we were both able to get it done. The layout looked very nice and simple. Marina had switched out all of the default visuals and layout of the app, and added her own style and touch to it, which I […]

App Review: Rina

When I first tested out Ole’s app, his story1 was not working for me. I felt a little disappointed because it’s the location furthest north of campus where Old Main is. This meant that I had walked around almost aimlessly. I proceeded to go to his second zone which was Farrand field. I liked the […]


This project was very interesting despite the trouble I had with the actual app. Actually building some sort of media got me very excited for the rest of college classes. I have never built and app and even though it was difficult, I was very engaged in doing it. There were definitely some issues we […]

Locative Media Review

I reviewed Nathan Moses’ app. It was both a challenge and enjoyable to try out the app that a different student created. Firstly, the app had many technological issues that made it difficult to listen to the sounds. While both stories worked and one atmosphere worked, there was one atmosphere sound that for some reason […]

Trevor’s locative media app review

With Trevor’s app I first started having problems with the audio playing when I walked through the zones at the red center. At first I thought It was a problem with my positioning, but after vigorous repositioning and completely random wandering I figured it was a bust. I informed Trevor of the lack of audio […]