Blog #3: Locative Media

The locative media is a very new concept that I was introduced to. It is very similar to audio tours in a way, but slightly different. I have started the planning process for this project and I’ve set up the app for the locative media. I have been thinking about the places I will map […]

Nathan Moses – Blog #3 – Locative Media

The locative media project has actually gotten me very excited. I have a huge interest in app building, and even though everything is already pretty much done for us, it is a blast to work with app building software like AppFurnace. So far, it’s gone pretty well. The hardest part is definitely figuring out what […]

Blog #3: Locative Media

I think the hardest part of this project is thinking of a way to do it in a way I’d actually like to see it used. Its not a bad idea at all: A user is given different sounds and audio bits given where they are in order to give the user a certain feeling. […]

Blog#3 locative media

While doing this project I was able to really see how main stream locative media is. Its everywhere in the term of applications and social media. Share this, share that, it seems as if any type of media mixed with a modern peice of media veiwing technology now automatically has sharing features. This pattern unveils […]

Blog #3: Rebecca Stewart- Locative Media

The locative media assignment has been a challengingly fun project. I never pictured creating an app being easy. There are a lot of steps to follow and a lot of the language used is somewhat unfamiliar. It has been really rewarding seeing a positive outcome after messing up a couple of times throughout the entire […]

Blog #3 Locamotive data

This project seems very interesting because it gives media a physical space to inhabit. When I think of media and where it is located, it is hard to think of a particular place to describe. Media seems to be this general aura that surrounds every single thing we do. It is everywhere all the time, […]

Blog #3 Locative Media

The Locative Media Project has proved to be fun, but also difficult. I never thought I would be working with code! I am not very technology-savvy so I definitely have my work cut out for me. From what I have done thus far, I have noticed that if you don’t write the code exactly right, […]

Blog #3: Locative Media Rina

I’m not sure if I wanted to record while it was raining or not but for the past couple days I haven’t been working on my project just because I was too focused on studying for my midterm. The different sounds I heard when I was recording in an inside space I didn’t really like […]