Blog #2 photo a day Rina

The theme of family wasn’t as hard for me to do since my family lives in Denver but I still had a hard time capturing that for some reason. But now that I think about it after the week was over, was when I thought of so many possibilities. For my classmates who aren’t home […]

Blog Post #2: Vines

I tried making a Vine yesterday. I couldn’t. Obviously I need to readdress how I go about making one, but the problem I found was simply introducing the idea of the Vine and not only being left with 2.87 seconds to work with. I think the prompt of this assignment amplifies this problem. To me, […]

Blog #2 – Nathan Moses – How to Vine

The how-to-vine has been going slowly but I’ve developed a lot of good ideas. The challenge is picking something that is simple enough that it will fit in a 7 second clip, but also interesting enough that people will want to watch it. This, in my opinion, is why Vine never gained as big of […]

Blog #2 Vine Progress

I have never made a vine before. I have seen approximately fifteen vines before. Because of this I am not entirely familiar with what would be an easy way to make a vine or have an idea of what a typical vine’s structure would look like. Most of the ideas I come up with require […]

Blog #2 Katrina Forte: How-To Vines

So far, I have done a bunch of research on “How-To” Vines and I have been thoroughly entertained. There are a lot out there that are pretty basic. For instance, I saw one that was “How to Charge A Phone” and it was literally someone plugging their phone into a charger. I have also seen a bunch […]

Blog post #1 – Ole Fredrik Kaalsaas Dahl – Photo-a-Day

The Photo-a-Day assignment has been surprisingly hard for me. I did not have an Instagram or Flickr, and to be honest I’ve always been against these services. In my opinion Facebook, Instagram and the other image sharing communities has a bad effect on the society, both here in America and in my home country, Norway. […]

Blog #1: Photo a day

I never thought that taking a photo a day would be so inspiring. College life has a certain effect on a person, and sometimes a photo is the only way to capture it. I was able to make a lot of academic and personal progress with the idea of starting college life. I have had […]

Blog #1: Rebecca Stewart- Photo-a-Day

The photo-a-day assignment is a fun and intriguing project. Having a passion for photography is definitely beneficial for this project. Because I missed recitation, I was behind for the first few days of the project, making it somewhat more difficult. Now that everything has been figured out through Flickr and whatnot, the project has going […]

Blog#1: Photo-a-Day Theme 1

This theme of college/dorm life I feel as though I misinterpreted it by the end of the week because I thought that we had to take photos relating to dorms and being in school but it’s not even like that so I could have taken more varieties of photos. I would tell myself to remember […]